Aytek Plastic, as a company specialized in plastic injection molds and plastic cap manufacturing, manufactures special design caps and other molds according to customer demands.

Aytek Plastic has been the special production partner of well-established companies especially in the chemical industry for years.

Aytek Plastic, which can produce high-capacity and precise molds thanks to its strong molding facility, makes customized designs according to customer demands in the design department.

Aytek Plastic’s custom production services offer more than 100 color options for plastic caps. In addition, lids can also be produced in the colors preferred by the companies. In this way, lids in colors specific to the customer brand can be manufactured and products reflecting the brandidentity can be obtained.


  • Aytek Plastic meticulously manages all processes from the design to the manufacturing of special production caps and molds, taking into account the wishes of the customers. Producing special design caps and molds in accordance with the needs of companies is the specialty of Aytek Plastic.
  • Aytek Plastic has the capacity to make not only cap molds but also all other high quality injection molds required by the Plastic Industry.

Reflect Your Difference with Special Designs for Your Brand.


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Aytek Plastic

Years of experience

  • You can trust Aytek Plastik for special production. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, the company meets the expectations of its customers with high quality products and fast delivery times.
  • Aytek Plastik is an expert, customer-oriented and reliable partner for plastic injection molds and closures.
  • We offer you special design bottle mold production. We ensure that you get quality products with our special designs suitable for your needs.
  • We offer customized plastic production and bottle cap solutions for different industries. With our high quality materials, we design and manufacture customized products for your needs.

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